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Our Livestock Guardian Dog Team


Rae is retired from breeding and we will not be expecting anymore puppies from her. She has more than earned her retirement and she surely has left her mark. We are thrilled to have a daughter and 2 sons here to continue with her amazing genetics. She has progeny from coast to coast! She will remain in work as long as she is able to as pulling her from it will absolutely crush her. Her dedication is admirable.



Ragean is half Anatolian and half Great Pyrenees. Rae, as we affectionately call her, is our matriarch. She has been with us since she was 6 months old. Ragean is a force to reckon. She shows no mercy and has pretty specific expectations both for the pack and for her human caretakers Ragean will give 100% to her charges all while caring for her puppies, she doesn't take kindly to being told she can take a break and raise her pups! The ONLY time we have ever had her escape is when we tried keeping her behind a fence to take a break from guarding so she can recover from delivering her puppies. She has no quit in her! She has confronted/killed coyotes, stray dogs, buzzards, a robin who got too close to her puppies, armadillo and opossums. She is one hell of a dedicated lgd and is extremely loving and nurturing to babies of all kinds. Rae is my large pasture lgd because she is aware of everything that moves and because she has made one hell of a bond with my mares. Rae has looked after mares/foals, goats of all ages, cows/calves, and chickens.





Echo is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Anatolian. Echo has been with us since birth. She has always been a mama's girl! She worshiped her mother and followed her every step and as a result is her mother to a T! Echo is reliable, nurturing and at times I feel more of a force to reckon than her mother. Echo is a big girl, over 100lbs and she will throw it around when necessary. She has been alongside her mother since her birth and has made her mark here for sure! I have never had to correct her for doing anything she shouldn't... except digging a bed hole where I need to walk! Echo has looked after mares/foals, goats of all ages, cows/calves and chickens. Echo is spayed due to a mammary tumor she developed from being intact and not being bred.





Sioux is an Anatolian Shepherd. Sioux came from a farm that was being sold down in Georgia and we were asked to take her in. She was raised on 30 acres with nubians and cows. She had little human involvement in her raising but that has made her perfect! Sioux is with our Nigerian dwarf does and their kids. She is an incredible lgd and she is a no nonsense kind of girl. She is dedicated to the safety of her does and there isnt a single thing that gets past her. She enjoys being a jungle gym to her kids, or a bridge if they should chose. She is a tough dog but she is not over the top as some anatolians have been labled. Shes amazing and we are honored to have her apart of our farm. Sioux has looked after goats of all ages, cows/calves, rabbits and we do have free range chickens here.





Kyon is a bit of a Heinz57 of lgd breeds. He is Karakachan, Maremma, Anatolian, Great Pyrenees, and Akbash. We weren't looking to add him to our team when we got him, but his cute red self and his demeanor won me over and I placed a deposit on him before even talking to my husband! He has some incredible dogs making up his mixed pedigree, though, and its one of the reasons that I didnt hesitate. Ky is a calm laid back boy until something needs his attention and even though he is young, his bark is fierce and strong. Kyon is also a talker and likes to tell us to hurry up at feed time, or give us grumbles just because. He has been being raised alongside our girls here to learn the ropes he needs to be an incredible lgd. Kyon is often seen watching the skies and I'm almost sure he caught a hold of a buzzard once as I have found him with a mouthful of buzzard feathers! But his favorite place to sleep is with the chickens! Kyon is still very young but he has got to be one of the best youngsters ever! We are proud to have him and we have very big hopes for him! Kyon is being exposed to goats of all ages and free range chickens.





Roxy is a daughter of Ragean and a half sister to Echo. She is also half Anatolian and half Great Pyrenees ( her sire was half and half as well). Roxy came back to us because of a dog dynamic issue that just was not settling and the dogs needed split up. Roxy kept digging out to get away from it but never left home. She is a very sweet and has a kind temperament but she is a fabulous alarm system and has often been the first to notice things that needed attention. Roxy is a wonderful LGD and has been wonderful with goats of all ages and free range chickens including baby chicks. She also has been exposed to small pigs and did well there too. I have not had a single digging out incident since she came here despite plenty of opportunities to do so.





Jambo is the son of Ragean and Kyon, which also makes him a bit of a Heinz57 of lgd breeds. He is Karakachan, Maremma, Anatolian, Great Pyrenees, and Akbash. From the very beginning Jambo has reminded us so much of his mother Rae, from the look in his eyes to his mannerisms its like having "Baby Rae" all over again. We are super excited about him here on our farm. Jambo is being raised with our Nigerian Dwarf goats alongside our adults. He is also exposed to free ranging chickens.





Azi is the son of Ragean and Kyon, which also makes him a full brother to Jambo. He is Karakachan, Maremma, Anatolian, Great Pyrenees, and Akbash. What excites us about Azi is the consistency that we saw between his litter and Jambo's. The goal is to always breed for this consistency and seeing it in our program is very rewarding. Azi is being raised with our Nigerian Dwarf goats alongside our adults until he is old enough to join is father in our larger fields to be our guardian for our horses and chickens.





Teja is the daughter of Sioux and Kyon. She is mostly Anatolian with some Karakachan, Maremma, Great Pyrenees, and Akbash from her sire. This pup has had my eye from the beginning. She was the first born and we got to spend some extra time with her as a newborn while her mother whelped but she is literally a mini version of her mother and its been evident from very early on. Im super excited to watch her blossom alongside her mother as she grows up here. Teja is being raised with our Nigerian Dwarf goats and chickens alongside our adult lgds.

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Planned Breeding


Please check the sales policy page for the price of the puppies as well as how the sales work at our farm

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Please note: I WILL NOT SELL A PUPPY BASED ON COLOR!! This is NOT negotiable. I am not breeding these dogs for color, I am breeding them because they meet my standards for quality working dogs. If you are new to LGDs I will guide you to the puppy that seems best suited for what you need. My concern is for the best for the puppies.

This is a repeat litter. Roxy whelped 10/1 with a beautiful litter of 9 puppies!!

Both of these dogs are absolutely INCREDIBLE and they are super dedicated to their job. I expect nothing but great things from this litter and they will be sold to working homes.


For sale information please check here.                  For regular updates please see our Facebook page.

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