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The Does of Five C Ranch

Cool Springs TC Empress

DOB 3/24/2017

gold - brown eyed - disbudded

Sire: Cool Springs C Taterchip

SS: CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy EVE90

    SSS: Split-Creek Hummer H3X +VE84

    SSD: SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 1*M VEEE90

SD: GCH Udder Topia Cinderella 6*M

    SDS: Old Mountain Farm Stalactite

    SDD: Whitebred Donietta

Dam: GCH Gypsy Moon SZ Tigressa 1*M VEVE89

DS: CH Rosasharn SP Shazam VVV87

    DSS: Rosasharn SW Sapporo EEE91

    DSD: Rosasharn TL Bewitched EEEE92

DD: Goldenbrook Farm Dot-to-Dot

   DDS: Rosasharn FS Merlin

   DDD: Goldenbrook Farm Periwinkle


Pictures courtesy of Goats Lodge, Cool Springs and Fields of Grace

Show Wins

JR Grand Champion +BIS

CDCB data


Buffalo Clover A Voodoo Doll 4*M (pending)

DOB 6/10/2017

buckskin - brown eyed - disbudded

Sire: Buffalo Clover Arthur *B VVE87

SS: Little Tot's Estate Thalictrum +B EEE92

    SSS: Little Tot's Estate Tsuga VVE88

    SSD: Brush Creek Mercy

SD: GCH Buffalo Clover Princess *D VEEE91

    SDS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Patriot

    SDD:  AGS Bluebonnet Farm Baby Ruth

Dam: Buffalo Clover Voodoo 3*M VVV+86

DS: Rosasharn NP Paulownia +*B +VE84

    DSS: Rosasharn AX Noble Prince *B VVV88

    DSD: Rosasharn CB Princess Linden Tree 6*M ++VV85

DD: CH Buffalo Clover Vieux Carve' 2*M VEEE90

   DDS:CH/PGCH/MCH AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino++B +S EEE91

   DDD: SGCH Buffalo Clover Delta Dawnn 1*M VEEE90

CAE & Johnes




Pictures courtesy of Bucktopia and Buffalo Clover

Show Wins

-Grand Champion in ring 1 @Carolina Classic hosted by Gypsy Moon

-Grand Champion in youth ring @Carolina Classic hosted by Gypsy Moon


5CRanch Liberty's Merci

DOB 4/1/20

black - brown eyed - polled - moonspotted

Sire: Caprinew D Lorcan

SS: Gaelic Roots PD Dubliner *B

    SSS: Castle Rock Penny Dreadful *B AVV80 (Elite)

    SSD: Leisure Time TT Cinco De Mayo ++E+84

SD: Caprinew A Joy

    SDS: Trilogy Ranch HB Asiago VEE86

    SDD: Trilogy Ranch RB Annika VVVV87

Dam: Crosby Lake Farm Lady Liberty

DS: Wooly Dog Down Eagle +V+81

    DSS: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss

    DSD: SGM PP Bathsheda VVVV87

DD: Archer's Acres HL Glory

    DDS: Victory Farm High Score Hoyt

    DDD: Holden Creek Farms LoriDarlin'

CAE & Johnes




Show Wins

CDCB data