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Other animals that call Five C Ranch home

Hawk Vom Zwinger Grenz 


Hawk is my main man here! He is my constant companion and often is with me if we ever meet up. Hawk has been training all his life in American Schutzhund and he has earned his BT and was working towards his AS1 when life unfortunately got in the way and training had to be halted due to time constraints and me be completely exhausted on our drives to training. It just became unsafe and I felt it was best. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have completed his titles and maybe sometime we can get back to it but right now we are taking a break.

Dragon Vom Konighaus


Zym is my sons dog. This boy had to earn this dog by proving himself with taking on the responsibility of caring for our livestock guardian dogs and get Kyon to behave at feeding time with the manners that we require of our working dogs. Pictures of this duo are hard to come by as neither will pose, but they are glued together in nothing short of cuteness and Im so happy that he has a best friend to grow up with. Zym is the perfect dog for my son.



Hallie is our one and only indoor kitty and she belongs to my oldest son. The two of them sleep together and she absolutely adores him with every ounce of her being. Whats funny about this is that Hallie was supposed to be my husbands cat. He begged me for years for another indoor cat. Im not fond of indoor cats as they are always into things and places that drive me crazy! But Hallie won that for him and then chose our son to be her human! Thankfully though Hallie is a pretty good cat and gives us very little trouble.


birthday unknown

Onyx was one of our meat rabbits that was intended to be slaughtered but she caught the eye of one of my sons and was spared and has lived her life with us since. She is a good bun and we have enjoyed her. She lives indoors and my son adores her. She is getting older now but we really arent sure how old she is at this point in time. We have had her for 3 years but she was gotten in a breeder clear out as an adult.

Barn Cats

These girls help keep the rodents, including squirrel numbers down here on the farm.

Lucy is our oldest and is elderly and is in her early teen years old now. She has been with us since she was roughly 6 months old. She is super shy and very few even ever know that she is here, but she is very sweet.

Buffy was a very sweet stray that we took in and she has made our farm hers for several years now. She is extremely nosey about things that go on here and will venture into open cars!


KitKat and Pixel are litter-mate sisters and are very much our squirrel crew! These girls will even get on the roof of our house quite often!


Shade and Confetti are also litter-mate sisters and are incredible help rodent population control, and probably because they had the best teachers! They are also very sweet girls.


We have lots of chickens here that free range. This property has LOTS of very large and old trees and with those trees comes the leaves. These guys help us to keep the leaves from creating those havens for bugs inlcluding gnats and flies that are extremely annoying. They also of course provide eggs and help with snake and rodent control as well and poop spreaders.